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How many times have you seen your precious child crawl to the electrical cords underneath your computer desk, your TV system, or your bedside lamps?

It seems as if our little lovable toddlers and infants are attracted to cords and will let nothing stop them from biting them or worse off, wrapping it around their neck.

One minute they are happily playing with their toys in front of you and the next minute, they are racing, crawling for the cords.

As parents, we know how quick our little kids are…we look away for a second and turn back around to find them all the way across the room doing something they are not supposed to do.

What’s scarier is that they don’t know if what they are doing is dangerous for them.


Have you tried to solve the problem by hiding the cords underneath your bed or using zip ties to bundle them all together? Have you tried to cover them up with a box?

What did you find out? Your smart child easily finds the cords, brings them outside of their hiding place and starts biting them right?

Have you tried talking to your child, explaining how dangerous the cords are? Yeah right, as if your infant or toddler ever listened to you…

Have you tried moving your computer desk or tv to another room? How successful were you from preventing your child from going to the room?


You are not ALONE!

My name is Hiro and I am a lucky father of Max – my 2 1/2 year old son.

As a busy Dad who works many hours in front of my computer at home, I frequently found Max crawling or playing around my home office – especially when he was at the crawling and biting stage. I love when he is with me, but I was frustrated because I had so many exposed cords.

I have a printer, a laptop, ipad, camera, chargers, USB powered adapters, dual monitors – the perfect setup for a home office. Underneath my desk, I had this whole mess of a large surge protector, 10+ cords, and a couple of USB chargers. I did my best to keep them tidy looking with cable ties, but they were still all exposed in the open.

This was a big problem for me


Because for some reason, Max is super attracted to the bundle of cords underneath my desk! I have no idea why, but that is the first thing he goes after the moment he enters the room. He crawls to the cords and starts biting, tugging and wrapping them around his body.

As a new father, I was worried. I remember when I was little and I played with electrical cords and I got electrocuted when I touched an exposed wire (wait a minute…like father like son?). I remember how painful it was and how I was lucky I got away with it, but I had burn marks on my hands. Luckily my grandpa found me in time.


I wanted to keep my Max safe and definitely wanted him away from the cords.

So I set out and searched for a solution both online and offline – scoured Amazon, Google, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Walmart. I spent many days and hours looking for something that can hide the cords and prevent my Max from getting to them.


I found NOTHING that worked.


I did find many products that kept cords together neat or boxes that hid cords, but none of them prevented Max from getting to the cords. There were some products that claimed they were child and pet proof but somehow Max was able to easily open them by prying off the top.

I had to make a choice. Either I accepted reality and just had to keep moving Max away from my desk…every single minute or build my own solution.


I couldn’t live with myself if something bad were to happen to Max so I set out to build a solution.


I wanted to a solution that:

#1 – was child proof – Max or any infant or toddler should not be able to figure out how to get to the cords. So it should be tricky and very difficult to get access. I wanted a two-step lock to prevent access.

#2 – keeps the cords looking neat and tidy – My wife and I love a clean and clutter free house and don’t like to see cords everywhere.

#3 – fire resistant – When I was trying out the other cable management boxes, out of curiosity I tried to light one on fire and to my surprise, it lit up like a fireball. Wow, I thought – we’re supposed to use this for electrical cords??? No way! I want my solution to be made out of flame resistant materials so that it doesn’t catch on fire if accidents happen.

 #4 – complete package – I hate when I buy something and find out that I need to buy another part to make it work. So I want to make sure the solution has all the parts needed to hide my cords from the wall to my devices.

#5 – simple, with “backup” – I wanted a no-frills design, the simpler the better so that I don’t have to worry about things breaking. I also wanted a way to get into the box in case the lock gets stuck. I don’t want a super permanent lock because you never know what can happen.

It took me many months of trial and error to design, build, test the solution – so many rounds of testing, fixing, testing again. There were so many times that I wanted to give up, but I didn’t because I love my son so much. I could have taken short cuts and sped things up. I could have used cheaper materials and inferior quality to keep costs down, but I didn’t. I wanted the best for my son and was willing to pay for it.


Finally, after many, many months, the product was ready…and we named it LOCK-ME-MAX!

Now you too can be the very first customers in the world to get your very own LOCK-ME-MAX.

and you don’t have to spend countless months, time, and frustration like I did building the perfect solution.


In fact, you can start protecting your kids in as little as 2 days*.

*Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping

Important LOCK-ME-MAX Information 

  • The LOCK-ME-MAXbox and hose are made from fire resistant materials, but it will not extinguish a fire. The box will not catch fire, it will melt as designed. This means any electrical cords or other contents contained within the box will not be protected from fire. 
  • LOCK-ME-MAX is not a toy and children should be supervised while playing near the box. It is ultimately your responsibility as a parent to ensure your infant or toddler does not tamper with the box in a manner that may be injurious to them (i.e. chewing the locks and potentially choking). 
  • LOCK-ME-MAX buys parents time and acts as a barrier to dangerous electrical cords. The creator noticed that his 10 month and 2.5 year old child did not attempt to tamper or play with the box after their initial curiosity. 
  • We cannot guarantee that LOCK-ME-MAX will always prevent your child from opening the box and accessing the cords inside in each instance under every factual scenario. Failure to secure the box entirely by you along with general unforeseen circumstances that may render the box able to be opened by your child may exist. 

Imagine a day when you worry less about your infant or toddler getting access to your electrical cords? Imagine how neat and tidy the space under your computer desk or tv stand will look?

Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing you are helping to protect your child from dangerous electrical cords.

I’d like to offer you the same peace of mind and protection

that Steve and Rose have.


“I wished I had this when my daughter was a baby girl. She put everything in her mouth and I dreaded the times I saw her biting my tv cords”
Steve from Elsinore, CA

“The peace of mind LOCK-ME-MAX gives me is amazing!” I can finally read my book and put up my feet in home office in peace without worrying about my son getting into my computer cables.”
Rose from Glendale, CA


LOCK-ME-MAX Saves You Money Too…$57 in Fact!


Here’s how much the same set up would cost if you tried to find everything yourself, or as a gift for another caring parent.

  • Lockable Cable Management Box – $40
  • 8 ft. Wire Cover – $15
  • Fire Resistant Technology – $20
  • Cable Wire Ties – $10
  • Sturdy, gift-able packaging – $7
  • Keeping children safe from electrocution – Priceless.


If you were to source everything yourself, it would cost you $92! But head to Amazon now and save yourself valuable time and money and get LOCK-ME-MAX for only $34.99 (currently on sale at Amazon for $29.99!)

It’s a tiny price to pay for the safety of your kids, and your own peace of mind.

If all LOCK-ME-MAX did was help you protect your kids, will it be worth it?

I’m not in this for the money. I started TEKDADDI with the mission of helping Dads be the best they can be. And I do this through free tips and advice – but of course, I have to pay my team to help manage all this. But I love to help – so I’ve kept the price of LOCK-ME-MAX as low as possible so you can have the same peace of mind that I’ve had.

I believe so much in this product that I’ll back it up with a 30 day, risk-free GUARANTEE.

Try it out, if your child is able to break into the LOCK-ME-MAX, let me know and I will give you your MONEY BACK. I cannot guarantee it will prevent ALL children, but I do know that infants and toddlers don’t have enough dexterity to open the tricky lock on the box or the difficult to open cord cover. That’s why I’m willing to give you your money back if it does not work for your child.

I’ll even guarantee that you won’t have any problems with LOCK-ME-MAX for one year. If it breaks, I’ll send you a replacement.

The risk is all on me, and I’m willing to take this risk because I know you will benefit from LOCK-ME-MAX just as much as I, Steve, and Rose had.


LOCK-ME-MAX is new to the market and is in very short supply.


We have so much demand coming in that we’re barely able to keep pace with inventory.

Get your LOCK-ME-MAX now at Amazon before we run out again!

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