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Fundamentals of Achieving Happiness with Your Wife

You’ve done it! You have taken the first step into your transformation into an awesome Dad. You and I will have fun together. I will be your guide, you will be the hero. We will begin our journey with your wife. Why you say? If you are like most men, figuring out how to deal with your wife, especially when she is pregnant or just had a baby is somewhat mysterious and confusing. If you are reading this, you are probably one of those men and we want to give you immediate relief.

So go on, take your first lesson.

#1 – First Time Dads, What Hot Moms Wish You Knew

Ok Dads, we thought that title would get your attention. Everyone wants a hot mom right? Well, luckily we interviewed a hot mom and got her perspective on what she felt that every first time Dad should know. This will be your first lesson. Read on!

#2 – Divide Responsibilities

Yes, that means you boss. You’re going to have to help you wife out if you want any kind of happiness in your life. As they say a happy wife makes a good man. In this lesson, we will share with you common chores and who we suggest does the work – angled towards Dads of course 🙂

#3 – Open Communication

Most men do not like to communicate. We prefer action over words. After all, we are hunters and like to conquer things – yeah! Unfortunately, that is a problem when it comes to women. That’s why in this lesson, we will teach you 5 simple ways to easily communicate with your wife.

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#4 – Keep the Spark Going

Believe it or not, some men find it difficult to keep the love flame going as pregnancy and kids come into the picture. Our attention diverts to helping our wife, taking care of our kids or even worse, looking at other women. What are ways we can keep the spark going with our wife? How can we overcome some of our relationship hurdles – find out what one of our mom’s have to say.

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#5 – Should your Wife go Back to Work?

At every point in a Dad’s journey, the inevitable question comes to mind – should my wife continue to work or should we become a one income family? If you are like most families, you have two incomes, and this makes things safe and cushy. With kids, your wife has very little time or energy to go back to work. Should you consider babysitting? We’ll explore what one family did and you can decide for yourself

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