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Basic Fundamentals for First Time Dads

Okay Boss, it’s time to work on you! A captain cannot lead his team effectively if he cannot take care of himself. Common sense right? In this course, we will focus on the basics for prepping you to become a first time father. This course is about preparing you both mentally and physically to take on the challenges of becoming a Dad. Trust me, you will want to be ready for what is to come.

Let’s begin!

Lesson 1 – Become Resilient

Resilience? Yep, that’s right. Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. In plain english, it means you are tough and gentle. For our lesson, we will review common techniques on how to quickly overcome difficult situations and bounce back into action. Why is this important? In your first week home with your baby – you will not get any sleep…and that’s just the beginning. Go on, let’s get to it Dad.

Lesson 2 – Keep Fit

Just because your wife is gaining baby weight doesn’t mean you have to…right? For Dads who think they won’t gain weight, ponder this – you will no longer have the luxury of going to the gym in your regular schedule before your baby. Once your wife gives birth, your available time outside of taking care of your baby or your wife will be very precious and limited. Take a look at some techniques us Dads have used in this lesson.

Lesson 3 – Take Care of your Body Aches from carrying your kids

Go ahead and laugh. “No way I can get hurt from carrying an 8 lb. baby, ha ha ha.” Riggght. Imagine carrying that 8 lb baby on your left hand for 3 hours straight – how is your traps now tough guy? what about your neck? Thought so. We interviewed a renowned Doctor of Physical Therapy to help us learn how to minimize our physical aches and pains from lifting our kids.

coming soon!

Lesson 4 – Maintain your

Work / Life balance

Kiss your 12-16 hour work days goodbye as soon as you have that baby. Trust me, you will not have the energy or the mental acuity to work those long hours when you are lacking sleep from helping taking care of a crying baby at night. You’re going to have to figure out how to get work done more efficiently and also to say No at work. We’ll share what we do to keep sane in this lesson.

Lesson 5 – Overcome Stress

Stress? You don’t get stressed out, you are a man…right? Wrong. Stress gets to the best of us, no matter how tough we think we are. It’s even worse if you deny you are stressed out and bottle it all up, only to unleash your frustration to your family at home – that never ends well. Find out techniques on how to identify signs of stress and what to do to relieve yourself in this lesson.

A Message from our Founder


I hope you have been finding our lessons useful. When I became a Dad, I had to figure things out on my own. It was tough for me. I worked a very stressful job in the technology sector and had frequent deadlines and project releases. If you work in the tech industry, you know exactly what I mean.

These lessons are meant for you, so you don’t have to go through what I went through. And I give this all for free, no strings attached.

My only hope is that we, as fathers, make this world a better place. It takes a simple kind gesture and action from a single person to begin to make a difference. Let us show the world that men can be tough, gentle, fit, and caring – all at the same time. Let’s become the best Dads we can be for our families and set the example for others to follow.

Spread the word and help all Dads become awesome.

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Dad On,


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