Hi there First Time Dads!

If you’re going to be a first time dad, you’ve likely seen your wife reading books about what to expect while you’re expecting, how to be a new mom, and how to parent your child in their formative years.  While it’s perfectly acceptable for dads to read those books too, we think dads should read books that specifically prepare them for their role as a father and that they can relate to as a man. So, to help build your reading list and get you prepared for the new baby that’s on the way (or has just arrived) here are a few books we recommend.

*Keep in mind the advice and information in all of these books is advice from that specific author, not TEKDADDI.

Dad’s Playbook

A quick and enjoyable read for any dad, this book is a compilation of quotes and inspiration from some of the most well-known coaches throughout history.  The advice and insight in this book will guide dads through the journey of fatherhood in a simple, understandable, witty way. And, the best part about it is that first time dads can read it over and over again and gain something new every time.

Dad’s Expecting Too!

This book is a pregnancy guide for dads to be that offers insight from all sides of the table.  Fathers, mothers, and medical professionals all weighed in to create this one-of-a-kind book that aims to fully prepare dads for the journey of pregnancy and beyond! If your wife is reading ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, you need to read this!

Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal

Written by a stay-at-home-dad this amazing book gives expectant dads insight about what it’s like to live with children through all stages of life. Vivid pictures of the ups and downs, the most enjoyable moments, and the nightmares of parenthood are all written with the pages.  This is a book any dad can appreciate, but one that new dads, in particular, will learn many lessons from.

Be Prepared, A Practical Handbook for New Dads

Every job needs a handbook, and that’s no different for new dads! So, if you want a handbook that will get you through the first months in your new role and beyond – this book is it! It includes sound advice about how to navigate first feedings as well as how to engage your child and build a relationship with them.  Easy to read, this book has (almost) everything you need to know before your baby is born.

Show Dad How

If you’re a guy that needs simple instructions (and let’s be honest who isn’t) this book was made for you! It includes step-by-step instructions for the things you need to know most and skips the long, boring explanations. A great tool to have in your back pocket, you won’t regret reading this one or having it nearby as a resource!

Now that you know the best books to read for first-time dads, it’s time to make your purchase and start reading today! Your wife will love watching you dive headfirst into your new role and you won’t regret the knowledge you acquire with every page.

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