It is essential to take care of your wife every day of the year. But, if she has just given birth (or will give birth soon) NOW is one of the times she’s going to need you most! Remember, no matter how your wife gives birth it’s both a physically and emotionally exhausting experience.  So, to help you provide for her needs the best you can, we have put together this tip sheet on how to care for your wife after your baby is born!

Make sure she has all of the “supplies” she needs.

If you’ve peeked over your wife’s shoulder lately as she’s been scrolling through her phone, you might have noticed her saving blog posts with titles like “What to pack in a hospital bag” or “10 Things you will NEED after giving birth”. These posts contain lists of items that will make her post-partum journey easier on her body and help her heal more quickly. 

As a husband, it’s a good idea to take note of the items on these lists and make sure the house is fully stocked for her after she gives birth! Some of the items might be uncomfortable to buy, but remember…what she just did wasn’t necessarily comfortable either!

Encourage her to take care of her body.

In the days and weeks after giving birth your wife’s body is going to feel foreign to her. After all, a few days ago it was growing another human and now it’s not! During this time you might hear your wife make remarks about the way her clothes fit, her energy levels, or how badly she wants a new haircut.  When she does, encourage her to do what she needs to do to take care of herself.  Encourage her to buy a new comfortable outfit. Make her a healthy well-rounded meal, drive her to the salon for a fresh haircut and watch the baby while she gets it.  There’s no price too high to help your wife feel like the beautiful, loved woman she is!

Let her rest.

There’s not much to be said besides sleep deprivation with a new baby is real! It will take some time for both you and your wife to get used to a new routine and sleeping schedule with a little one. Just remember, although you are tired your wife’s body is also recovering from major trauma. Encourage her to catch a quick snooze when you get home from work or let her sleep in a little longer in the morning. If you do, major brownie points are headed your way!

Spend time with the baby.

Last, but certainly not least, take time when your new baby is born to spend time with him/her. Your wife will love seeing you settle into your new role as Daddy. Likewise, knowing you are enjoying the journey will bring her comfort.  Remember, this is a fun and exciting time for EVERYONE (even you, dad!) so soak it all in and don’t miss a minute!

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