Hey there, First Time Dads!

With spring just around the corner (thank goodness!) we’ve been thinking about all of the fun activities families can enjoy together in warmer weather.  If you have a new baby or are have a new baby on the way, you might be wondering what you can do with the little one that will cure your winter blues… Well, here are a few ideas you can use!

*At TEKDADDI we recommend checking with your family doctor or pediatrician regarding specific activities for your child. Every baby is different so please confirm what’s right for your baby*

Blow Bubbles

You can find a simple bottle of bubbles at nearly any corner drug store or supermarket this time of year (usually for about one dollar) to make the perfect outdoor fun for babies. Your baby will enjoy sitting in his/her stroller or bouncy seat and watching the iridescent shapes float through the air – it’s likely you will blowing the bubbles too.

Take an Easy Hike

After a long winter, there’s nothing better than getting outdoors to get your blood pumping – and hiking is a great way to do just that! If you have a safe carrier for your baby, you can strap them in and take them along too.  He/she will thoroughly enjoy watching the sights and sounds of nature as you hike around your neighborhood or an easy local trail. Hint: Don’t forget a hat for baby!

Enjoy Outdoor Tummy Time

A  little bit of sunscreen (consult your pediatrician first), a blanket, and a few toys in your back yard is a winning recipe for a perfect afternoon with your baby! Lay on the blanket with your baby, play with the toys, and enjoy the fresh air around you without your phone or electronic device nearby.  The time together will be a blast, and the baby will likely take a great nap once you’re back inside!

Visit a Local Zoo

Pack up the diaper bag, stroller, and a couple of snacks – it’s time to go to the zoo! The zoo is a fun activity to get the whole family up, moving, and out of the house. And, although your baby might be a little young to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the animals at the zoo, they will love looking at the furry faces on the other side of the fence.  

Go for a Bike Ride

There are many different carrier devices made for bikes that make taking baby along on a bike ride fun and easy. Just follow all of the safety instructions provided with the carrier, strap your baby in, and hit the road! While you are out and about it’s likely the smooth motion of the wheels beneath your baby will lull them to sleep, which makes a bike ride the perfect mid-day activity!

First time Dads, these activities are some of the best ways to spend time with your baby this spring! Just remember, if you go outdoors take necessary precautions and ALWAYS apply sunscreen or physical sun barrier like an umbrella! Always consult with your pediatrician to check what’s right for your baby.

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