If there’s one lesson you need to learn as a husband, it’s that date nights are always a good idea.  Whether you have been married for 50 years or 5 days, date nights allow you to connect with your spouse and rekindle your love.  That being said, if there is a new baby in the picture getting out of the house for date night is not always the most popular or possible idea.  To help your new baby woes, here are 5 date night ideas you can enjoy AT HOME with your spouse!

DIY Dinner and Drinks

Get out the knives and pans, it’s time to make dinner and drinks! Choose your favorite recipe, get an idea off of Pinterest, or order a Hello Fresh Box and work together to create a delicious meal you will enjoy. Topped off with a couple of your favorite beverages you have the ingredients for a perfect night in!

Game Night

Nothing will put a little spice in your marriage like a few good old fashioned board games and friendly competition! If there are no board games you or your wife love, order a new one off of Amazon. It’s always good to try something new and figure it out together too!

Stargazing and Dessert

Fresh air and fresh love, dads – need we say more? Order dessert from your favorite restaurant, pick up a carton of ice cream or bake your favorite cookies Then, lay with your spouse on a blanket under the stars while you enjoy a few sweets and each other’s company. And, if you can’t see the stars from where you are (or don’t have a yard), you can get the same feeling merely sitting outside on your patio enjoying the evening air.

Pick Your Own Wine Pairings

Everyone loves a trip to the winery, but with a new baby, that’s not always possible! For this at home date night idea, all you will need is a few bottles of wine (preferably wines you haven’t tried) and a few snacks to pair them with (think chocolates and cheese).  After the baby goes down, pour a few glasses, get out the snacks and enjoy each other’s company while you share what you like (or don’t) about each pairing!

Relaxation Stations

Fair warning: this date night idea might get a little steamy!  With a few face masks from Target, a bottle of massage lotion, and a hot bath you can have the spa night of your (and your wife’s) dreams! Start with the face masks, move to the hot tub (add sea salts or essential oils) and end with massage. Need we say more?

Dads, remember date nights don’t have to be complicated, expensive or elaborate to make a difference. What matters is the thought you put into them and the effort you make to be with your wife. So, try out one of these ideas this week for a date night at home and let us know how it goes!

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