Today we are here to talk about New Year’s Resolutions for Dads. I know what you’re thinking. So cliche, right? Every year you start one, go at it with gusto for about two weeks, then down the drain it goes. Well, this year it’s going to be different.

We’ve created a list of 15 New Year’s Resolutions you can easily keep. They aren’t fancy or overwhelming, just simple ideas that will make 2019 the best year yet. And, BONUS, just by doing them you’re going to get brownie points from your family!

Check out our 15 easy New Year’s Resolutions for Dads below:


Resolutions for brownie points from your wife:

1. Spend 2 hours ALONE with your wife each month.

Dads, spending time with your wife and your wife only is so important if you want to keep the fire alive in your relationship. And, guess what!? Spending time with her doesn’t mean you have to plan something elaborate. Simply carve out time (a half an hour per week, an hour every other week, or a date night once per month) where you can simply sit down with her, have a conversation, enjoy her company and remember why you fell in love.


2. Do a household chore once per month.

Cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes. One of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make is to help your wife around the house. When you step in and do a chore without being asked, you become a hero – and wives love heroes. So, choose something (maybe something new every month) and get to work!


3. Have a REAL conversation with your wife every week.

For this resolution, all you need to do is make time once per week before you lay down your head at night to talk to your wife. Ask her about her week, something she’s interested in, or what’s going on with her friends. Just have a REAL conversation with her. No talk about kids, finances, or household happenings. She will appreciate your interest and make note of your thoughtfulness.


4. Buy your wife a gift just because (no bday, no valentines, no mothers day, etc.).

There’s nothing better than giving your wife a surprise, especially when there is no reason for it. So, dads, this year make your resolution giving your wife a gift ‘just because’. It can be flowers, jewelry, or even a surprise night out on the town! No matter what you choose, your wife will love it. And, to keep this resolution, all you have to do is set a reminder in your calendar!


5. Give your wife the gift of relaxation regularly.

Making sure your wife has the time to take a bath, read a book, or get a pedicure once per month is a great resolution for dads. She works all week long taking care of you and the kids, so why not take care of her and make sure she has time to relax. Simply mark a few dates on the calendar where you will set aside your time to watch the kids and give her the opportunity to do something for herself.


Resolutions to create stronger relationships with your kids:

1. Take your kids outdoors.

Fresh air, time away from the television, and a chance to get dirty is everything a kid needs and more! That’s why if you want to make a resolution that will be fun for everyone, getting outdoors more with your kids is perfect! Simply make the effort or set aside time each week to go to a park, play catch in the backyard, or go on a walk. Your kids will love the adventure AND the extra time with you!


2. Read your infant/toddler more books.

Everyone knows that reading is important for a child’s development. But, did you know that a child reading with his/her dad is even more special? To keep the resolution to read your infant/toddler more books, choose one night per week or month that you will do bedtime duty and choose a few books to read. Chances are, you will love it as much as your kids!


3. Take your kids out for the day.

This resolution is really a win for your kids and a win for your wife. Choose one day every month or every few months to take your kids out to lunch, to a museum, or to their favorite ice cream shop. You will find the one-on-one time with your kids to be extra special and your wife will love the opportunity to get something done around the house or simply relax!


4. Start a hobby with your kids.

Hobbies with your kids can be so much fun! And, when you choose something you both enjoy it doesn’t feel so much like a resolution but more like treating yourself. You can start exploring hobbies by trying different sports together, learning a new language, or even working on household projects.


5. Create undistracted time for your kids every day.

Let’s be honest, dads. We all know we spend too much time connected to work, social media, or the latest sports updates. That’s why one of the best resolutions you can make is to set aside your phone, turn off the tv, and step away from the computer for a set amount of time each day and simply be with your kids. Your eyes and mind will love the break and your kids will appreciate the memories you make.


Resolutions to better yourself:

1. Exercise.

Exercise is a classic New Year’s resolution that doesn’t often get kept. But, this year you can make it work by simplifying it so it’s attainable. Choose to go on a walk a few times per week, do a free-weight routine in your bedroom, or even go for more bike rides. Remember, exercise doesn’t have to mean an intense workout, it just means moving more.

2. Eat right.

More veggies, more fruits, more lean protein. No matter who you are that’s what your diet needs. Like exercise eating right is often a resolution that goes by the wayside, but by not going overboard you can achieve better health for yourself. You don’t have to eat the perfect meal three times per day, every day. Just choose a couple days per week to make better decisions and you will be on the right track.

3. Spend time with your friends.

Even though you are a dad and have a lot of responsibilities at home, spending time with your friends is important. So, set aside time once per month to hang out with your buddies. Grabbing a drink, a coffee, or a quick game of golf are all great options for get-togethers!

4. Do something for yourself.

Whether it’s a hobby, getting a good haircut, going to the gym, or buying a new pair of kicks make the New Year’s resolution to do something for yourself. After all, you can only be your best for the ones you love when you at the best yourself!

5. Read a book.

Knowledge makes you stronger and I guarantee that in 2019 you can choose to read at least ONE book that will make you better at work, better as a husband or better as a dad. Or, if you don’t want to read a book that will make you better, just read a book for pleasure! There’s always something new out there to enjoy.

So, there you go dads! A list of 15 New Year’s Resolutions for Dads you can easily keep for yourself and your family. Give one a try! I’d love to know how it goes.

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