Hey Dads!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still racking your brains for perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas – we’ve got you covered. Believe me, this year traditional flowers and chocolates won’t do.  We suggest to go big or go home (but not without the perfect gif). Use one of these fun and memorable gift ideas to bring a BIG smile to your wife’s face.

Read on for our Valentine’s day gift ideas for Moms. 


1. Personalized Journal/ Book

One thing your wife really wants this Valentine’s Day is to know how much you care. And although flowers are a nice gesture and beautiful – they don’t give her the details.  Write everything down this year in a personalized book or journal, add pictures of the two of you, and watch her heart flutter. You can create a personalized book on shutterfly.com or purchase this one at uncommon goods.

2. Wardrobe Upgrade

If there is one thing new moms want more than anything, it’s a new wardrobe! Take the time to choose a new outfit for your wife or have someone at her favorite store help you choose.  Give her a gift card to go on a shopping spree. Or, sign her up for a fun wardrobe subscription box like StitchFix or TrunkClub (hint: the subscription service is TONS of fun and you can set them to arrive for your wife as often as you like.).  

3. Deep House Cleaning

Let’s be honest, a deep house cleaning isn’t sexy or super fun, but it is definitely a Valentine’s Day gift your wife will love! Hire a trusted service in your home town to come in during the day while she is at work or send her out while they come in.  Have them clean and scrub EVERYTHING from top to bottom. When your wife comes home, the house will sparkle, everything will smell great, and she will feel like she can sit back and relax. Bonus points will likely be given if you have dinner ready when she comes home as well.

4. Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for your wife, but I don’t suggest going with a classic diamond heart pendant or heart charm bracelet this year.  Instead, choose a personal, fun design she can wear every day. A custom necklace or bracelet with your children’s names, fingerprints, or birthdates are all perfect options.  You can find unique jewelry for your wife on Etsy.com or thevintagepearl.com.

5. Day at the Spa

A Spa gift certificate is a traditional choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, but it is one that will never do you wrong.  Every woman loves the opportunity to get out of the house, be pampered and experience total relaxation. Instead of choosing just any spa, be sure to choose a spa that specializes in luxurious treatments – sauna sessions, cucumber water, and fluffy robes are a must! When your wife gets home, take her out for a lovely dinner or order in her favorite food.  You can locate spas near you at spafinder.com.

6. DIY Class

Does your wife have a hobby she loves but has absolutely no time to indulge in? If so, a DIY class is a perfect gift her this Valentine’s Day! Many local businesses offer classes on gardening, knitting, hand lettering, cake decorating, or flower arranging as well as a wide variety of other activities.  Sign her up for a class and go enjoy it with her, or send her on her own for a day of total crafting fun! There are a variety of DIY classes offered on meetup.com.

7. Progressive Dinner Date

Adventurous and unique, a progressive dinner date is one of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day date this year.  Tour your favorite area stopping at a different restaurant for each course of your Valentine’s Day meal. Try a fun martini bar for cocktails and a small plates restaurant for appetizers or dessert! Just remember, if you plan your progressive dinner date for the day of Valentine’s you might want to make a few reservations before heading out!

8. Wine Novelties

These days, anything and everything can be made out of wine! And, if your wife loves to enjoy a bottle of her favorite Merlot or Rose, a wine novelty gift basket is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift! Gift  wine gummy bears, wine ice cream, or a wine subscription box – all winning ideas!

9. Makeovers & Makeup

A trip to the beauty counter at your wife’s favorite beauty is store is the equivalent to a trip to Disney World for your kids.  This year for Valentine’s Day, put your wife in the car and take her there – your treat! Let her get a makeover while you wander the store and have her pick out a few of her favorite items! She will appreciate the gesture and love the opportunity to be pampered! If you can, take her out for dinner or lunch after her makeover – she won’t want a good makeup day to go to waste!

10. New Subscription Service

Subscription services are all the rage these days.  There are monthly boxes for everything from razors to home cooked meals. Choose a monthly subscription box your wife would love and sign up to have it delivered to your front door! Your wife will love the surprise of seeing what’s in the box every month.  Subscription services are the gift that keeps on giving! Some of the most popular subscription boxes right now are PopSugar, FitFabFun, and CauseBox!

Equipped with these ideas you are ready to give your wife the best Valentine’s Day ever! Enjoy your day being the hero!

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