Spring Break is just around the corner, and for many families that means one thing – ROAD TRIP! Whether it’s to hit sandy beaches on the shore or venture out to the best amusement park around, Spring Break Road Trips are packed with fun for everyone.

Or are they?

If you’ve done the road trip thing before, you know you can experience your fair share of bumps along the way. From kids arguing over seats to spilled ketchup packets, anything can happen. And, as the dad, you’re the one who comes to the rescue.  This year, Dad, use our 10 spring break road trips tips and tricks to keep you on top of your traveling game.

1. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Remember how anything can happen on a road trip. Well, when whatever it is that happens (and it will) you need to be prepared.  We recommend having a first-aid kit and supplies for car sickness within hands reach as well as tools for small car emergencies (such as jumper cables and a spare tire) packed in the trunk.  Being prepared for emergencies will help ease your mind during the road trip and allow you to have all of the great family fun you want to have.

2. Teach Your Kids Classic Road Trip Games

Come on, dads. Let’s be honest. You can’t get through a spring break road trip without playing a few classic road trip games.  Chances are, your kids have never played these games and will be excited to learn and go along with the fun! The license plate game, I spy, and Rock, Paper, Scissors are just a few of the best!

*Just a hint, dads. Classic car games are more fun when EVERYONE is involved. So, don’t forget to join in!

3. Have a Plan

Before you set out on the road with your family, you need to have a plan of attack.  Take a look at the route you will travel a few weeks before and plan out where you will make your big stops for overnight stays and meals. Make reservations at the appropriate hotels and have your family help you decide on restaurants. Hotels with pools are always the best choice on road trips because your kids can get out of the car and get all of their extra energy out! And, so your kids don’t end up fighting, we recommend letting each child choose at least one restaurant (if they are old enough)!

4. Pack LOTS of Snacks

Although you will have a plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner we guarantee you’re going to hear the words “Dad, I’m hungry!” at least 1 million times before you reach your destination. Packing small snacks your kids can munch on will help to satisfy their hunger and their request for more food.  Some fun ideas are to fill a basket or cooler with snacks packaged into individual portions for your kids to pick from themselves or create these fun snack trays! Don’t forget to throw in a few healthy additions – sugar-crazed kids are no fun in cars!

5. Don’t Forget Technology

Technology is a great way to keep your kids entertained for short periods while you are on your road trip, especially if you have multiple kids and they need a break from one another.  Before you leave, pack the iPads and tablets full of educational games and your kids’ favorite videos.  And, so they don’t hold the screen too close to their face, get a MANO-FREE tablet holder from Amazon!

*If you’re worried about your kids being exposed to TOO much technology on your road trip, set specific technology times where they can use it along the way!

6. Make Frequent Stops

Of course, bathroom breaks and stops to stretch your legs are necessary on road trips. But, if you think back to road trips you took as a kid, what do you remember? All of the quirky places your parents mad you stop, right?  Well, if you are taking a spring break road trip with your family this year, be sure to throw in a few of those quirky stops for your kids to remember too!  We love this list of 79 unique roadside attractions and think you could use it to map out a few fun breaks for your family!

7. Surprise Your Kids Along the Way

With young kids, sometimes it takes more than classic road trip games and technology to keep the wiggles away.  One of our favorite road trip tips to help with that is to pack a bag full of fun surprises.  Then, set times along the route where your kids will receive the prizes! The bag could be filled with anything from hot wheels cars to coloring books and dollar store toys! These fun and exciting incentives will help you make it from one stop to the next without too many significant meltdowns.

8. Encourage Sleep

There’s a lot of fun waiting for you and your family at your spring break destination.  Fun that’s going to wear your kids out and use up all of their energy! So, when you can, encourage them to sleep.  Pack small pillows, favorite blankies, and favorite stuffed animals to ensure your kids are able to get some shut-eye when they need it!

9. Stay Organized

Honestly, dads. It’s inevitable that your car will get messy during a road trip.  There will be snack crumbs, random toys, and a few pieces of garbage here and there all over the floor.  But, with a little organization, you can combat the clutter.  Be sure to have a designated trash bin in the car as well as baskets for your most needed supplies.  For a few car organization ideas, check out this fun list of 51 car organization hacks!

10. Have FUN!

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to have fun! There will undoubtedly be frustrating moments along the way during your spring break road trip. But, if you step back and remember that you are creating memories with your family that will last a lifetime, you’ll be sure to have fun!

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