Be the best Tech Dad you can be

Becoming a first time Dad is hard, especially if you work a stressful job. TEKDADDI is your easy button. We put together fun, practical, tips, lessons and product recommendations to help you be the best Dad you can be

“Being a Dad is both the hardest thing and the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. I’m so glad TEKDADDI is here to help me along the way”

Allen, Entrepreneur & Tech Enthusiast

Our latest Dad tips for Technologists


Yes, You CAN


Find the inner strength and energy you thought you never had

Build Resilience

Overcome mental fatigue, sleepless nights, and learn to bounce back quickly

Reduce Stress

Find your peace and relaxation

Balance Work & Family

Say no to over work. Get back time with your family

Happy Wife

Gain a supportive and loving wife

Good Kids

Raise happy and loving kids

Our Approach

Our 4 pillars to being a good Dad

Invest in Yourself

It starts with you. By becoming a better you, your family is rewarded with a better leader, a better husband, and a better father

Be a good Husband

You know that they say, a happy wife is a happy husband. Well, it’s true and that’s why we have a section dedicated with the best ways keep your wife happy

Be your child's Hero

Want to know the first things you need to do when you are expecting a new child? Want to know how to be the best for your kids while they are young? This is for you. Coming Soon

Build your Family's Foundation

Your home, your finances, your friends, your family, your friends – it’s all part of your bedrock. We’ll teach you how to lay the foundation for you to raise your kids and family. Coming Soon


What People Are Saying

“Dad’s need love too. I send my professional Dad clients to TEKDADDI”

Dr. Justin Lin

CEO, Rehab & Revive Physical Therapy

“With the whole #metoo movement, I think a lot of men are feeling very lost. Thank you for creating TEKDADDI to help guide Dads”

Professional Writer

“I love the practical tips written from a Dad’s perspective. It saves me time and hassle of figuring things out from the tons of information out there”

Owner, Luxury Automobile Repair

About Us

Helping Dads be their best is what we do

I started TEKDADDI because I had a hard time figuring out how to be a good Dad. I was working many hours  trying to provide for my family and with that came stress, lack of sleep, fights with my wife, and burn out.

I knew there had to be a better way to balance achieving my dreams and being the best Dad I can be. You know what I found? The information is out there but it’s just all over the place and hard to figure out, especially if you’re a busy person.

It was with the birth of our second child that I made a commitment, not only to help myself, but to help all first time Dads and current Dads become their best.

Our team has gathered the best, practical information out there, coupled with our own real-life Dad experiences to give useful and fun Dad tips, lessons, and product recommendations to help you become the best Dad you can be.

“Any man can be a Father, but a man armed with knowledge of how to raise a family becomes a great Dad. We can’t wait for you to Join our community and become even more awesome.”
Hiro Atger



Helpful things for Dads

LOCK-ME-MAX keeps your kids away from dangerous electrical cords

When I became a dad, I was frustrated to discover my son Max had a relentless fascination with electrical cords. And while I couldn’t lock HIM in a safe box, he inspired me to create Lock-Me-Max. It keeps cords away from kids and pets, and looks clean and tidy so our wives love it too.


Helping Dads with Love

We truly, really care about you. Every action we take is to help you become the best Dad you can be. Our mission to reach every single Dad in America. Our goal is simple, be the go to site for Dads. Gone are the days that a new Dad has to search through hundreds of sites or youtube videos made for moms just to figure out tips on how to become a better Dad. We are here for you!

get to know us

Meet Our Team

Hiro Atger

Hiro Atger


Working in the technology industry for over 20 years delivering complex projects, I know the toll that our work brings to our families. It’s time that we make a change and help each other.

We can achieve our goals and dreams while keeping our families together.  Join me and lets make America have the best Dads in the world.

Our Awesome Writers & Guests

Our Awesome Writers & Guests

Writers Around the World

We partner with great writers and researchers in the United States and around the world.

We gather the best of what’s out there to write practical, fun, and easy to follow Dad tips and lessons.

We make sure our writers are working parents themselves to make sure what we produce is realistic.

On special occasions, we have professional guests and Doctors share their advice and tips for us all.

Our TEKDADDI Members

Our TEKDADDI Members

Become a contributor!

There is nothing better than real-world input from our Dad members. We take the best tips from our members and make them available for all to see.

Join us and share your tips, funny moments, tough moments, and bright moments and make our community even better.

Ready to Make a Change?

Learn how to balance your work and family, keep your wife happy, raise good kids, and reduce the stress of being a father. Sign up and become a TEKDADDI member today. It’s free!

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Invest in yourself
Be a good husband
Be your child’s Hero
Build your Family’s Foundation

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